In the last election, I ran very hard and with great hope for the position of Escambia County Commissioner. The people spoke and I was elected.

I'm not in this for publicity, or to speak for a platform that doesn't make both fiscal and common sense, nor to argue good ideas into the ground or to draw attention to myself. I'm here as a public servant beholden only to the people in my district and elected to represent them, with strength and integrity, before the County.

Over the past 3 years, we've made good on our promise to bring back Sanity! Escambia County is much better than it was when I took office! However, there are many improvements that are still needed! I am asking you to let me continue the progress we've made by casting your vote for Wilson Robertson on August 14th. If you want proven ethics and proven leadership, vote for Wilson Robertson for Escambia County Commission District One.

Wilson Robertson